Active relaxation in our hotel

Chill & Fun

As part of the hotel's redevelopment, we have created a Chill&Fun entertainment centre, which offers our guests a wide range of entertainment options.


We are waiting for our dear guests with a brand new 2-lane bowling for a cozy evening recreation!

  • Price: 5 500 HUF/hour
  • Deposit: 2 000 HUF/person

Please make an appointment at the reception!

Darts, table football, billiards, Airhokey, Ping-pong

The must-have elements of a real greenfield atmosphere can already be found in their new environment! Our hotel guests can use these game elements free of charge!

To rent an equipment, please ask the reception or our collegaues in Chill & Fun Club!


Our full swing simulator provides a lifelike experience for golfers! Thanks to precision ball tracking, which provides real-time feedback on the location of the ball after each hit. The players can test their skills on more than 80 levels with different difficulty levels!

  • Price: 10 000 HUF /hour
  • Deposit: 10 000 HUF /person

Please make an appointment at the reception!

Multisport simulator

We have collected the most popular games for you, which is sure to entertain sports fans, young and old alike, for hours! Available games: football, hockey, lacrosse, cricket, zombie dodgeball, golf, carnival.

  • Price: 7 500 HUF /hour
  • Deposit: 10 000 HUF /hour

Please make an appointment at the reception!

Golf Tasting or families and couples

Golf course is not just for professional players, as there's no better opportunity to take advantage of the proximity to the golf course and learn a new game while relaxing. Take your first swings with the help of our skilled golf instructor!

As a family program, the experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable for everyone!
Hop into a golf cart, explore the nearly 100 hectares of the golf course, and gather unforgettable memories in the fresh air and unique surroundings.
Let the experience of the first swings be one that connects the whole family!

  • Golf Tasting in 80 minutes: € 35,3 per person (minimum participation of 2 people)
  • For families: € 99,00 for the whole family (2 adults, 2 children)


Other leisure activities

For our sports-loving guests, there are numerous opportunities for active leisure time. We provide complimentary sports programs for our hotel guests, the schedule of which can be found at the spa reception.

Our fitness room, equipped with cardio and strength training machines, is available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Bicycle and electric scooter rental

Make your relaxation active and discover the natural beauty of the surroundings, as well as the sights of Bükfürdő and the surrounding villages.

Bicycle rental:

  • Bike for adults: 2 000 HUF per started hour
  • Bike for children: 1 200 HUF per started hour
  • Adult bike all day: 6 000 HUF

For independent adventurers, we suggest 6 routes, which can be downloaded at the following link. DOWNLOAD THE ITINERARY

Electric scooter rental (seasonal): further information at the reception.

  • 10 minutes: 2 000 HUF
  • 30 minutes: 4 500 HUF
  • 60 minutes: 7 500 HUF
  • 90 minutes: 9 500 HUF